World Poetry Society Presents Creative Dreaming Tools for Your Art

Saturday, December 15, 2012 – 1.00-3.00pm, Lillooet room 301, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
World Poetry Youth Team Hosts:
  • Hosts Yilin Wang and Jacqueline Maire, poets
  • Wanda Kehewin, First Nations poet and author.
  • Kagan Goh, poet, filmmaker , Mental Health advocate.
  • Angelo Moroni, Actor , Street theatre performer and poet.
  • Ibrahim Honjo, poet and author of numerous books.
  • Farina Reinprecht, poet and social activist.
  • Diane Laloge, poet and author.
  • Kumar Bhujel-  singer of Bhutani ethnicity (Nepal)
Use creative dreaming tools will introduce audiences a “day dreaming interactive workshop” to enhance your creative work and bring forth new talents and abilities. Poets writers, musicians, dancers and film writers will benefit from this workshop. Ariadne Sawyer has worked with poets, novelists, artists, musicians , filmmakers and writers to achieve their creative goals in classes, workshops and individual work. 30 minutes, handouts included. Please register early to ensure a space.


Wanda John-Kehewin is from the Kehewin Cree Nation in Alberta. She lives and works in North Vancouver. She has studied criminology at the NEC and Douglas College; Sociology and Aboriginal studies at Langara, and attended SFU’s TWS Creative Writing Program. She grew up on the Reservation and a huge part of her writing is created from the injustices she saw and experienced. Her work is published in UBC’s Aboriginal Anthology, Salish Seas, and elsewhere; she has shared her “truth” through many readings. Wanda has two daughters and two sons who definitely inspire her write and heal through the creative writing process. Her first book, “In The Dog House” will come out in April 2013.

Kagan Goh was born in Singapore in 1969. After years of traveling, he migrated to Canada in 1986 and now resides in Vancouver. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker, a spoken word poet, novelist, journalist and mental health activist. His work has been published in anthologies such as “Strike the Wok”: an Asian Canadian anthology of short fiction (TSAR Publications); “Henry Chow and Other Stories from the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop” (Tradewinds Books) and the Writer’s Studio 2010 emerge (Simon Fraser University). “Who Let In the Sky?” is his first book.”

Angelo Moroni is an actor/musician/composer/social theatre workshop facilitator. Was part of the Latino Theatre Group that specialized in Theatre of the Oppressed (1993-2000). He acted in “The Dying Game” (1998), and studied the techniques of Theatre for Living, Headlines Theatre. In Mexico City he participated as an actor, musician, performance artist and composer in theatre and modern dance companies: U.N.A.M. Theatre, Ballet Neoclasico de Latino America, Poliglotas del Cuerpo, He also has credits on six C.D. Productions: musician and composer in freejazz ensembles: Jazzorca Records. He also gave social theatre workshops in Montessori schools, Cultural Centers and to Amnesty International (Mexico 2000-08). Back in Vancouver (09-present), Angelo has given social theatre workshops to children at Neighborhood Houses along with Social Theatre-Performance Art workshops. He collaborates with Theatre Terrific; Water, Pantaloon’s Pawnshop(2012) and Waterlution as a social theatre facilitator, musician and performer. He also acted in the antagonist role in “Conversations with Willie; it’s complicated”, Scotia Dance Centre (2012). He is now creating S.I.T.E. Theatre, that combines social theatre, performance art, modern dance and street theatre(2012).

Ibrahim Honjo was born on April 16, 1948 in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Since January 1995 he has lived in Canada.
Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor, painter, photographer who writing in his native language and in English. He was introduced in many magazines, newspapers, and radio stations in Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist, also books and newspapers editor, and marketing director. He organized many poetry events and festivals. Honjo received several prizes for his poetry.
He is author 13 published books and represented in seven anthologies. His poetry was translated in: Korean, Slovenian and German language.

Diane Laloge is a poet and author. World Poetry Director Diane Laloge was born in Oxford University in England among tall spires and undergraduates. It was in the Canadian village of Ponce Coupe (Cut Thumb) , northern BC, Canada that Diane began her love affair with language. In the little one room library, she read everything on the shelves. The family moved to Vancouver in the mid fifties and she began writing poetry under the tutelage of her English teacher Mr. E.C. Barton. After going to UBC for a year she met the Tish poets and made the pilgrimage to San Francisco’s North Beach Beat scene. Although she never stopped writing, began to share her muse with folk music which she performed for the next 30 years. Her first collection of poems The Dreams of a Private Woman” was published in 1995. She was the co=host of the co-op radio program Wax Poetic for thirteen years. Her latest book is Am A War, Poems by Diane Laloge.

Farina Reinprecht is a person of color and a survivor of the South African Apartheid regime. Farina lived in “hiding” for over a decade due to her cross-racial “marriage” considered illegal. Farina knows too well the significance of racism and the ongoing adverse consequences and legacies of oppression which include low self esteem, frustration, anger, disease and violence.

Farina has worked passionately on diversity, cultural, racial and religious collaboration, mental health and safe schools through social support programs.
To demonstrate her firm belief in prevention, she worked as a coordinator, program planner, promoter, public speaker, recruiter and co-facilitator of a schools based program. She utilized her artistic and storytelling skills in elementary schools, to promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. In 1997, she used alternative materials, chapter Choices from The Seat of the Soul to promote life skills in high schools.
Farina worked with non-profit service providers and schools, the public sector and served on various community, municipal, non-profit and government advisory committees since her settlement in Canada in 1994. She served on the FamilyCourt Committee of the City of Richmond, BC and on the BC Advisory Council on Multiculturalism. She has also served on the BC Selection Committee, End Racism Awards in the year 2000. She further served on the Van./Richmond Health Board, Children/Youth Population Health Advisory Committee, Richmond Women’s Resource Centre board of directors and the Richmond Parent Association.

Her extensive community volunteering and activism led to her appointment to the B.C. Advisory Council on Multiculturalism in 2002.
She turned to the silent but effective mode of communication – the arts, facilitated free form visual art workshops on paper sculpture, participated in a popular theatre workshop development with the Headlines Theatre­ to promote issues of concern to her. In 2006, she was one of the emerging artists selected to celebrate Mosaic’s 30 Anniversary, in a partnership with the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Farina’s poem Love of Mankind published in the Anthology of Verse in 2002 by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Additional poems have been presented at the World Poetry Gala at the Vancouver Public library in 2006 and other events. She is a past guest of World Poetry Radio Cafe.

Kumar Bhujel is a traditional singer of Bhutani ethnicity.