Ilsoo Kyung McLaurin art exhibit “The Beauty of Nature” (January 5-Feb 28, 2011)

With references to the tradition of landscape painting that captures the beauty of the land and trees, Kyung’s art pieces have a surrounding landscape that serves as a backdrop to her daily life within her adopted homeland of Canada. However, through her works, she also illustrates the darker side of the landscape. Through confronting the troubling aspects of environmental pollution that threatens nature, Kyung’s art challenges the ways how habitants should intervene on the land they live on, while still allowing the appreciation of facing these societal challenges together. (Artwork featured in IKBLC Foyer & Ike’s Café Gallery).  Ilsoo’s work has been featured in a number of articles, including Senior Living Magazine, the Delta Optimist, and the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver.

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  1. Julia

    Stunning artwork!

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