Health Information Series Talk with Dr. John Oliffe

South Asian men—defined as men who were born in/originate from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Sri Lanka—are amongst the largest groups of immigrants in British Columbia, Canada. Little is known about their health behaviours; experiences of illness; or how they relate to, and engage with Canadian health care services. South Asian men’s groups (SAMGs) are naturally occurring groups meeting each week at various BC rural and urban temples and attract typically senior South Asian immigrant men. The SAMGs provided us with an opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of a unique cultural milieu, and describe the connections between masculinity and older South Canadian immigrant men’s health.  John Oliffe’s work has been highlighted in UBC Reports.     Come join us as Dr. John Oliffe, Suki Grewal, and Bindy Kang share their expertise in this important area of health research at the Surrey Public Library, Newton Branch Library.

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre-sponsored Live Webcast can be viewed here.

For more information about the Health Information Series, please find here.

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