Arianto Patunru and Zakir Machmud – Poverty and Globalization in Indonesia

Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Green College.  The costs and benefits of globalization have long been a major debate in the literature of development economics. Arianto Patunru and Zakir Machmud argue that it is important to understand the link between globalization and poverty for the case of developing countries like Indonesia whose key objective is to fight poverty. They will discuss such nexus with specific emphases on the role of small and medium enterprises, as well as supporting infrastructure (e.g. logistics and value chain). This lecture is part of the ongoing Green College Thematic Series: “Public Health Law and Policy in Asia.”

Speaker Biographies

Dr. Arianto Patunru is a Fellow of Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, the Crawford School of Public Policy, and The Australian National University. His research interests are on international trade, development economics, public policy, natural resource and environmental economics, and political economy

Dr. Zakir Machmud is the Associate Director for Economic and Policy Research, Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Articles Available at UBC Library:

M. Chatib Basri and Arianto A. Patunru. (2012) How to Keep Trade Policy Open: The Case of Indonesia, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 48(2): 191-208. [Link]

Arianto A. Patunru, Neil McCulloch, and Christian von Luebke. (2012) A Tale of Two Cities: The Political Economy of Local Investment Climates in Indonesia, Journal of Development Studies, 48(7): 799-816. [Link]

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