One Day @ UBC: Egypt and the Bible: Cultural Contact in Literature, Religion and Art

Egypt was an important political and cultural point of reference for Israel and had a major influence on Israel and the larger Levant throughout the 1st millennium BCE. Explore the cultural, religious and literary significance of Egypt for ancient Israel, with a particular focus on genres, texts, and literary motifs of the Hebrew Bible.

THOMAS SCHNEIDER, PhD, is a professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies at UBC. He earned his degrees from the University of Basel and has published widely in his main areas of research—Egyptian interconnections with the Near East and North Africa, and Egyptian history and chronology. He is currently completing a monograph on the history of Egyptology in Nazi Germany. In 2014, Professor Schneider was awarded a UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowship from the lzaak Walton Killam Memorial Fund for Advanced Studies, Senior Category.

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Course Format: In-class

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Course Fee: $75

Instructor: Thomas Schneider

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