IKBLC Art Exhibition – "Rocks of Interest to a Young Geologist"

From December 1 to January 31, 2012 you can provide feedback about IKBLC’s art exhibition, Rocks of Interest to a Young Geologist. “Rocks of Interest To A Young Geologist” By Ruth Beer


The photographs in this exhibition engage with ideas inspired by the formations and visible properties in geological rock samples. Many of the rocks presented in these photographs were collected by a young geologist last summer in the mountains of BC, Yukon and Nunavut. They were collected because they are tangible examples of time, material, form and events. From an artist’s perspective, in addition to formal and descriptive elements of color, texture and form, their intangible qualities are of interest as they reference dynamic shifts of contemporary experience juxtaposing our understanding of what we claim to know, the uncertainty of geological materials and forces that impact everyday life, and the romanticism of a future that is barely graspable.

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