#librarycampUBC Camp is coming!

Dodson_empty#librarycampUBC Camp is coming!

BC Libraries Cooperative is spreading the word about the next Camp event for library people — #libraryCampUBC. Forging networks of library innovation online relies on offline events like this one.  Camp is set to happen Friday, July 25, 2014 from 9AM to 3PM.  Please check out how the agenda for this unconference day is developing, ideas sheet is here.
So far there is a great reach of topics around Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, Maker Spaces, Library-based digital literacies and more.  Remember you don’t have to attend to lodge an idea or raise a problem on the talks ideas sheet.
For more information email frank.sayre@ubc.ca or erin.fields@ubc.ca or shout out to camp counsellors on twitter #librarycamp   We’re there for you!
Register for this camp here.