Nargis Dhirani

Program Assistant, Chapman Learning Commons


Nargis Dhirani, BFA, is an educator and administrator with 7 years supporting non-profits, instruction, and creative agencies contributing to cultural competencies from Vancouver to Dubai. Nargis is also serving as Director for community-based yoga and training centre, Karma Teachers, where she applies her dedication to creating and inspiring social change through movement and art. Nargis works with learners of all ages and actively maintains the health of organizations focused on creativity, innovation, and wellness.

Current Roles and Responsibilities

Nargis joined the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre in October, 2018, as the Program Assistant with the Chapman Learning Commons where she supports Student Leaders in their contribution to public service, student development, and the collaboration and teamwork that is essential to the CLC in its mission to deepen student engagement.


Phone: 604-827-5949


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