The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is a proud partner in WriteAway, a groundbreaking eTutoring service that provides free online writing assistance by connecting learners seamlessly to a network of tutors and resources.


WriteAway, BC’s first eService for collaborative online tutoring, is being developed in cooperation with the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and other partners.


To set students up for greater success — academically and in their future careers, WriteAway offers online writing assistance to students at participating institutions. Trained tutors provide constructive feedback on students’ draft writing assignments to help them develop better writing skills, rather than focusing simply on writing a better paper.


“I think that this is a great service that more students should know about! The combination of positive and constructive feedback was really helpful.”

– UBC student


Get Writing Help

Submit up to three drafts of your paper to WriteAway, and online tutors will provide strategies and resources to help you improve your writing. Tutors do their best to share feedback within 48 hours, but response times can get longer at peak times. Please submit well in advance of your deadlines if you would like feedback. Please note if you are new to the eTutoring service you will need set up an account.


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Program Highlights

  • 15 institutions, including the Learning Centre, participated in WriteAway in 2015
  • 1,528 students across the province received online writing assistance in 2015 — a more than 50 percent increase from the previous year.
  • 97% of students felt confident in their writing after receiving WriteAway assistance.

For more information on WriteAway, please visit the program’s website.