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  • Mar


    Salon Series 2016/17: Ninin Dôjôji-The Two Maidens at the Dôjô Temple

    Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 256, 7:00 pm

    This performance shows the two-dancer version of the famous play, Musume Dôjôji, where the double spirit of Kiyohime comes to the Dôjô temple as shirabyôshi dancers, Hanako and Sakurako. Their jealous serpent-selves are revealed as they destroy the bell that once hid their lover who ran away from them. Head over to the event page...

  • Mar


    Research Day 2017 – Information, Social Media, and Well-Being

    The Golden Jubilee Room (4th floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre), 11:00 am

    We are pleased to announce that the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, the iSchool at UBC, will hold its 7th Annual Research Day on Friday, March 10th, 2017, in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Golden Jubilee Room. Research Day showcases the contributions of the iSchool students and faculty working at the intersections...

  • Mar


    Master Mind Master Class with Homa Hoodfar

    Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, 6:30 pm

    In March 2016, Canadian-Iranian academic Homa Hoodfar, best known for her research on the role of women in Muslim societies, was arrested in Tehran by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. She was accused publicly of “dabbling in feminism and security matters” related to the recent election, and in June, after her bail was increased, she was jailed in Tehran’s Evin...

  • Mar


    A Season for Friendly Meetings: Exploring Jane Austen’s Influences and Legacy

    Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 301, 1:00 pm

    In coordination with our current exhibition Ever Austen: Literary Timelessness in the Regency Period, Rare Books and Special Collections is delighted to host a special Austen-themed panel discussion. We’re delighted to be joined by scholars from both UBC and SFU for this fascinating discussion on and celebration of Jane Austen, in honour of the 200th...

  • Feb


    AABC: Talking With First Nations Archives

    Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 301, 10:00 am

    The Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC) is pleased to present the webcast roundtable “Talking with First Nations Archives”. Colleagues who work in local First Nations Archives, Resource Centres and in Records Management programs will share with us their experiences establishing archives, their role in facilitating access to records, and issues and concerns they encounter...

  • Feb


    Second Annual Exhibition of UBC Contract Faculty Publications

    Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 301, 11:00 am

    Please join us at an exhibition showcasing the scholarly and creative publications of contract faculty members at UBC. Academics who teach on contract at UBC have published a wide range of research papers and books. In addition, contract faculty at UBC, have produced multi-media presentations and talks, some of which will be presented during this...

  • Feb


    The Ethical Public Scholar

    Dodson Room (302) Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, 11:00 am

    Description: As scholars, we have a critical responsibility to uphold principles such as intellectual honesty, rigour, and open communication. Those who work outside the academy, or whose scholarship spans the academic and non-academic realms, have additional responsibilities and often face more complex or different ethical dilemmas and conflicting moral imperatives in their work. This workshop...

  • Jan


    Engaging Education for Public Good

    UBC Learning Exchange, 6:30 pm

    How can education go beyond the classroom to reach the lives of the public? In the first event of the 2017 PhDs Go Public Research Talk Series, seven PhD students from UBC’s Public Scholars Initiative have seven minutes to talk about their education research, and how it can make a positive contribution in and out of the university....


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