Funders and Partners

The Founding and Funding Partners

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre owes its existence to the remarkable vision and commitment of the three founding partners: Mr. Irving K. Barber, the Province of BC, and The University of British Columbia. An example of true collaboration from its inception, the IKBLC represents what happens when passionate, engaged, and principled people combine their strengths to create something extraordinary.

All three partners continue to support the Learning Centre through strategic support and direct funding.

Donors and Financial Support

The Learning Centre recognizes the important contributions of its Donors:

  • Kay and Lloyd Chapman, for their important contribution of the Chapman Learning Commons, the Centre’s focal point for student learning supports.
  • Doctors Wally and Madeline Chung and their donation of the extraordinary Chung Collection, which is housed in the Learning Centre.
  • The Sutherland Foundation, who generously supports our community engagement work, including donating to the costs of licensing the Gale Business Plans Handbook as part of the Small Business Accelerator Program.
  • Suzanne Cates Dodson and Earl D. Dodson for their donation in creation of the Dodson Room.
  • Marissa and Antonio Peña for their donation in renovation of the Peña Room.
  • The Vancouver Foundation for its support of the Indigitization Futures Forum in June, 2016.

Networks and Memberships


We partner with a number of organizations, both on and off campus, to achieve the vision of the Learning Centre. Current partners include:

  • Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network / Network of Inquiry and Innovation
  • alumniUBC
  • BC Library Association
  • Centre for Community Engaged Learning at UBC
  • Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (UBC)
  • Entrepreneurship @UBC
  • LIRN BC (Learning Initiatives for Rural and Northern BC)
  • Museum of Anthropology (UBC)
  • North Central Library Federation
  • Sauder School of Business (UBC)
  • Simon Fraser University Library
  • Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC)
  • UBC Centre for Student Involvement and Careers
  • UBC Learning Exchange
  • University of Northern British Columbia

We are open for dialogue with prospective new partners – both programmatic and financial. Please contact Julie Mitchell, Associate University Librarian and Director, if you are interested in supporting or working with the Learning Centre.