Building Safety

We take building safety seriously for staff, for students and anyone inside or nearby the Learning Centre.

Building Emergency Response Plan

The Building Emergency Response Plan for IKBLC is updated annually and can be accessed by clicking the image below:

Building Emergency Reponse Plan Download

Muster Stations

If a building evacuation alarm sounds, the designated gathering points outside the Learning Centre are outlined in the image below:


Important Phone Numbers

Fire      911
Campus Security 604-822-2222
Campus First Aid for Students 911
Campus First Aid for Employees 604-822-4444
Hospital Urgent Care (UBC) 604-822-7662
Hazardous Materials 911
Poison Control Centre 604-682-5050


Other Policies

UBC Library is committed to fostering an environment in which respect, diversity, opportunity, and inclusiveness are valued. To ensure the best possible environment for students, faculty, staff and community users to study, research and work, each Library user is required to adhere to the UBC Library Code of Conduct.

Two key policies from the Code of Conduct that we frequently refer to in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre include expectations regarding animals in the building and scents in the workplace.

Specifically, prohibited conduct in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bringing animals, other than certified guide and service dogs, into the Library. The Library is permitted to make exceptions to this policy for short-term events.
  • Acting contrary to UBC Library’s support of a scent-free environment. In instances that raise concerns, including those involving complaints about personal hygiene, library employees may work with a patron to discuss approaches for resolving the situation.


Local Safety Team

There is an active Local Health & Safety Team representing all agencies in the Learning Centre.