Building Safety

We take building safety seriously for staff, for students and anyone inside or nearby the Learning Centre.

Important Phone Numbers:


Fire      911
Campus Security 604-822-2222
Campus First Aid for Students 911
Campus First Aid for Employees 604-822-4444
Hospital Urgent Care (UBC) 604-822-7662
Hazardous Materials 911
Poison Control Centre 604-682-5050


If a building evacuation alarm sounds, here are the designated gathering points outside the Learning Centre:

There is an active Local Health & Safety Team representing all agencies in the Learning Centre.  If you work on campus you can access the Team’s information on the university-wide Confluence Intranet. (you may need to verify the security certificate for this site and add it as an “exception” to unauthorized sites)

Key Health and Safety Team Policies:

1. Pets in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre:

Background: Since 2007 UBC Risk Management has advised that this issue be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in the affected faculty, department and/or unit. Accordingly, incidents can be brought to the attention of local health and safety teams.

Policy: The IKBLC Health and Safety Team reviewed this issue at its October 2014 meeting and adopted a policy that pets are not permitted in the Learning Centre.  The exception to this policy is for registered animals that are serving as guides or aides to their owners.

2. Scents in the Workplace:

Background: During 2016 the IKBLC Health and Safety Team addressed the issue of scents in the workplace.  As a result it issued the following statement in August 2016.

Statement: It has come to the attention of the Health and Safety Team for the Learning Centre that the use of scents and fragrances is the cause of significant health concerns for some individuals working in the building.  The Team and UBC Risk Management is responding to this matter.  As a first step, a Risk Management representative corresponded with affected individuals and documented their concerns.  The Team’s second step is to raise awareness broadly within the building about the potential health impact of scents and fragrances.  In a workplace where a number of people are required to work in a shared environment, it’s important to be sensitive to the needs of colleagues and co-workers.  Please review the relevant resource materials and guidelines provided by UBC Risk Management Services a this page on its website.


If you have specific questions about the IKBLC Health and Safety Team and its activities, please send a message to