Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education

An exemplary practice in improving outcomes for Indigenous learners, the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (formerly a paired combination of the Network of Innovation and Inquiry and the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network) deepens learning through inquiry, innovation and teamwork.

Since 2013, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre has been a funding partner with the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network (AESN) component of the paired network. Through this partnership, the Learning Centre has supported teachers working with indigenous students transitioning to further education.

The Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE) has helped selected schools across British Columbia in taking an inquiry-oriented, evidence-based approach to learning and teaching — one that focuses on making education more equitable by providing high-quality learning opportunities to all young people.  Participating schools develop a focus to address through their inquiry, collaborate with colleagues through regional meetings and share case studies.


Program Highlights

  • Working with the NOIIE, the Learning Centre has helped fund over 60 school teams in 15 school districts across British Columbia.
  • In 2016, the Learning Centre supported a Transitions Research Study that ended in 2018. Ten teams of teachers from around the province participated in this study.
  • The study report was released in 2019, with the following impacts described: increase rates of graduation; increased student attendance; stronger academic achievement; improved sense of belonging; increased engagement in school activities; more cases reported of successful transition to post-secondary schools; increased belief in one’s ability to succeed; a heightened sense of cultural pride; and increased connections with Elders and local Indigenous communities.

“The AESN creates an inquiry community where everyone learns and works together to ensure that every Aboriginal learner crosses the stage with dignity, purpose and options — and that together we eliminate racism in schools.”

Networks of Inquiry and Innovation & AESN newsletter


To learn more about the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education, please visit the program’s website or follow on Twitter: @noiie_bc.