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  • May


    Abstracts: Writing

    Online, 10:00 am

    Abstracts play a vital role in the communication of research. Studies show that abstracts are the most frequently read part of a research article, and that abstracts help researchers determine whether or not to read the entire study. This evidence-based workshop introduces researchers to two typical structures of abstracts, while accounting for differences in disciplines and purposes. Registration is required.

  • May


    Choose the right citation management tool for your research

    Online, 12:00 pm

    Citation management software helps keep references organized, allows the removal of duplicates when importing references from a number of databases, and can help build bibliographies. In academic institutions, students, faculty, and researchers often ask questions regarding the latest software to manage their projects. This session will provide participants with basic knowledge of such tools as Zotero, Mendeley, and RefWorks. Registration is required.

  • May


    Dissertations and Theses Formatting: Strategies For Successful Submission

    Online, 12:00 pm

    When preparing the dissertation or thesis for submission, students must follow strict formatting requirements. Research Commons instructors will help you with your questions about the nuts and bolts of formatting: page layout, numbering, headings, front matter, and more. This workshop will also cover the basic resources that are available to help you with writing your thesis and dissertation. Registration is required.

  • May


    Finding the data: race and ethnicity

    Online, 11:00 am

    This is the final installment of a a four-part workshop series on finding data about marginalized or underrepresented populations. This fourth and final presentation in the series on finding data about marginalized or underrepresented populations will explore sources of data about race and ethnicity. Registration is required.

  • May


    Finding free and open scholarly resources

    Online, 12:00 pm

    Learn how to find free and open access research. Community Scholars’ Librarians will guide you to a variety of sources that can help you stay up-to-date in your field and make evidence-based decisions, cite credible sources in upcoming grants, and continue to develop your program innovations. This workshop is suitable for both registered Community Scholars and those who are not part of the Community Scholars Program. The Community Scholars Program provides free access to over 20,000 research articles at no cost for staff at BC non-profits. Registration is required.

  • May


    Finding the data: people who identify as LGBTQ+

    Online, 11:00 am

    This is part three of a four-part workshop series on finding data about marginalized or underrepresented populations. This session will explore sources of data about people who identify as LGBTQ+ in Canada and around the world. Registration is required.

  • Apr


    Finding the data: Indigenous Peoples

    Online, 10:30 am

    This is part two of a four-part workshop series on finding data about marginalized or underrepresented populations. Kayla Lar-Son will provide context and introduce the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) and the principles of OCAP (ownership, control, access, and possession). The presentation will also include a brief exploration of Statistics Canada Census and survey data. Registration is required.

  • Apr


    Introduction to project management for the Digital Humanities

    Online, 1:00 pm

    This session will outline digital humanities project management best practices and introduce resources for researchers wanting to get started. Planning how all these people will work together throughout the life of the project is crucial to its success. This session will include introductions to the many invaluable resources out there for researchers as well as some hands on exercises in thinking through your projects. Registration is required.


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