Generation One

Image credit: Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society

The 16th annual month-long festival to celebrate Asian Heritage Month in Metro Vancouver – explorASIAN 2012 – feature “Generation One Art Exhibition” as one of its signature programs at multiple sites throughout Metro Vancouver during the month of May, 2012.  GENERATION ONE, as one of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society’s signature programs, is a platform for local artists to showcase their artworks in the community. It is a distinctive art exhibition that features artworks of inter-cultural and inter-generation Pan-Asian artists, found in the dynamic area of Metro-Vancouver.

A special purpose of this year’s art exhibition is to put the spotlight on young artists who are either home-grown first-generation Asian-Canadians or new immigrants. In order to nurture and support young local talents, the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS) has entered a new partnership with the International Arts Gallery to co-present a two-part exhibition at the International Arts Gallery from May 4 to 25, 2012.

GENERATION ONE 3D Art Exhibition at Irving K. Barber Center, UBC, May 4- May 25, 2012

Curated by VAHMS artists, this 3D exhibition will demonstrate the art of poetry as expressed in 3-dimensional art forms from different Asian cultural traditions. Check out the glass cases in the lobby and corridor at the IKBLC.

Image Credit: Lee Jong Jin

Lee Jong Jin

Born in Seoul, South Korea and trained at the Department of Sculpture at  Seoul’s Hong-Ik University, Lee Jong Jin has been a professional artist since 1997.  Between 1997 and 2008, Lee has had seven solo exhibition and 60 group exhibitions in Korea.   Having immigrated to Canada in 2008, Lee has exhibited with the Korean Artists Association in Canada, and serving as president of the Korean Artists Association from 2010 to 2011.

My sculptures are an expression of my past,  present, and inner happiness.  I strive to maximize impact and meaning through simple forms.  Children, love, happiness, and nature are my favourite subjects.  I love stone sculptures.  I hope my work warms hearts as hard as stone and helfs make the world a more loving place.  [출처] Lee Jong Jin |작성자 모난돌이

Ju-Ann Hu

Image credit: Ju-Ann Hu

Influenced by ancient cultures, Irene Ju-Ann Hu uses the language of multidimensional modern art to map myths or legends into visual expression. She works with ancient symbols to guide the viewer on a path towards active participation. I paint with oils and pigments, and create sculpture in wood and stone. Each piece becomes an individual note within a larger composition. After completing her BFA at the Royal Fine Art School in Den Bosch, Netherlands, she worked for two years with several accomplished artists and other master students at Universitait der Kunst, Berlin, Germany. Many cultures, philosophies, myths  and symbols have influenced my thoughts and my creativity.  Irene Ju-Ann is a Vancouver artist, she was born in China, move to Netherlands in 1979, was raised up in Nethelands. She studied in Berlin, Germany. In 2001 she moved to Leuven, Belgium. In 2006 she moved to Vancouver, Canada.

Contact: Celia Leung, Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society Program Coordinator

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