Teaching Innovations: Using Technology to Enrich the Traditional

An explanation of the practical innovations experimented within the School of Chemistry and description of how these informed the innovations developed for the Bristol ChemLabS Centre for Excellence.  Many changes make full use of e-learning which enriches the understanding students have of the practical experience.  Crucially, e-learning is not replacing the real hands-on practical experience but allowing students to take on more challenging experiments. More sophisticated and educational online tools build upon the first year resources in the second year.

The teaching involves an integrated approach (across organic, inorganic and physical chemistry) to practical skills and makes use of a blended use of standard and intensive laboratory periods.  There are a variety of assessment methods. The use of a Dynamic Laboratory Manual allows for online pre-lab work to be remotely available. Online safety assessment uses real-life events to consider and while videos familiarize students with equipment they will use, animated, interactive diagrams of apparatus allow students to experiment with what works and to ‘get it wrong’ in a safe environment.

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