Chinese Art Students Society (C.A.S.S.) – Push and Pull

Image credit: C.A.S.S.

Showcasing works of art dealing with issues concerning identity, cohabitation, loss, migration, and adaptation ranging since the construction of the Pacific Canadian Railway to the modern age, this exhibit focuses on the transitional ideologies and identities of Chinese immigrants since the period of the building of the Canadian Railway to the modern day.  Each contemporary piece of work constitutes its own reflections to these issues and their history in an attempt to define self identity and evolution of time, space, and culture.

C.A.S.S. (UBC Chinese Art Students Society) was established in 1994 with the mandate to educating and facilitating the appreciation of Chinese art and tradition.  C.A.S.S. welcomes everyone, regardless of ethnicity, to take part in events and activities focusing on Chinese culture.

To see more photos of this exhibition, please find here.

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