Display on Pang Jingtang Collection at IKBLC Gallery, March 2-30, 2010

Display on Pang Jingtang Collection

Pang Jingtang, born in He-ze County, Shan-dong Province, China 1900, died 1977, former name Pang Xiaoqin, pen name Hei-yuan, grandson of Pang Yupu, naval commander in chief in Guangdong-Guangxi jurisdiction, Qing Dynasty.  His career began in 1927 as an instructor of political science in Huangpu Military Academy, Guangzhou.  During the regime of Chiang Kai-shek in mainland China, he had held several positions of high profile in government as well as the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT).  His titles included KMT Central Control Committee member, director of KMT in Shandong Province and member of National Assembly.  In 1948, he was captured by People’s Liberation Army when the Chinese Communist party was taking over power and had since then been held in prison for 12 years.

Due to his well recognized reputation as an erudite scholar, Pang was recommended to take in charge of the establishment and management of a prison library while serving his term in Gongdelin Prison, Beijing.  He was released in November 1960 after being granted a special amnesty.  His book, The Jiangs’ Regime vs the Chens’ Party, provides important reference resources for the research and study of contemporary Chinese history.

March 2 – March 30
The Gallery @ the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

(1961 East Mall, Vancouver)

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