After the Ban: Continuing Conversations on Discrimination and Marginalization at UBC

When the first travel ban in the United States was implemented in January 2017 a number of faculty, staff and students got together to discuss possible responses by UBC. We were happy to see the President implement a task force right away to address the impacts of the ban on people at the university, and we wrote a letter to President Ono suggesting some new efforts, and received a response to our letter pointing to further initiatives that were already underway.

We are organizing this session to discuss how we can continue to address concerns about racism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, anti-immigration, transphobia and other issues of discrimination and marginalization that have been raised for many in the UBC community in recent months.  It is important to recognize that amidst the focus on diversity and equity there are also those who are experiencing discrimination, hate, and assault at UBC. It can and does happen here.

In this session we will discuss experiences of marginalization at UBC and how students, staff, faculty and administration could come together to address these problems and create a more supportive community.

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