Creative Writing’s MFA Graduate Thesis Reading

Recent Grad students from the Masters Fine Arts Creative Writing Program program who have completed their thesis will be in attendance at this event to read from their work. Each of students will be presenting their research and a section from their multi-disciplinary thesis projects, and audiences can expect to hear a variety of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. If you are curious about the Creative Writing Program, or just enjoy literary events, we would love to see you at this event to support graduates as they take the final steps in completing their MFA degrees at UBC.

This is a excellent opportunity for all faculty and staff to come out and celebrate our university’s creative and academic successes. We look forward to the university community coming together to support the students, their research, writing skills, and academic success that have come out of the Creative Writing program this year. This event is open to all students and faculty of UBC, as well as the families of the recent graduates. Light refreshments will be served.