edX Training Workshop

On March 16th and 17th UBC will be running a 2-day edX training workshop.  The details of the program are still being worked out, but we wanted to inform you in advance so you could block off your calendar.

The goals of the session are for you to learn about how you can use edX to build and run a variety of courses including:

Massive public online courses like MOOCs and Professional Education Courses.
Blended UBC credit courses courses in which edX is the sole or primary learning technology platform.
Blended UBC credit courses in which edX is just one part of the learning technology and is used with Connect, Piazza, WordPress or other parts of the UBC learning technology ecosystem.

The workshop will be hands on in nature. You will leave the workshop with an initial version of your project plan as well as one module of the course partially built in edX.