Integrating reflection into our advising practice

Reflection is a tool for encouraging students to make meaning of and connect learning in all facets of their UBC experience. This interactive session will explore various models of reflection, including those that are currently being used across campus. We will also think critically about our current strategies for integrating reflection into our own advising practice with students. Come and share your experiences and join the conversation on using reflection to support the learning and development of the whole student across the full range of educational experiences at UBC.


As a follow up to the UBC Advising Conference in February, the Vice President Students Office is re-running 4 of the concurrent sessions from the conference. These sessions will be attended by UBC Staff and Faculty from across campus who play an advising role in their work with students. This will include academic, career, disability, international, residence, study abroad, and enrollment advisors.

For information about and to register for the following sessions, please visit this website.

  • June 17, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Integrating reflection into our Advising practice)