Mapping a Plurality of the Good in Teaching

Why can’t everyone be like me: Mapping a plurality of the good in teaching.

Introduction: How might we understand and explain the different approaches to teaching across our campus or within our department? What characterizes effective teaching across those differences? How would you explain your approach to evaluators of your teaching? This session will explore those questions and in the process, help participants understand the basis for a ‘plurality of the good’ in teaching.

Participant Engagement: Using the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)(, this workshop will engage participants to explore their approaches to teaching and develop an understanding that teaching excellence comes in many forms. Participants will complete the TPI and receive an individual teaching profile. Using this profile, the workshop will support an interactive discussion on different teaching profile, similarities and differences in teaching perspectives, and identifying ways in which their teaching perspective can support their development as an effective educator.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to…
– Clarify and explain your orientation to teaching
– Understand orientations different from your own
– Appreciate why evaluations of teaching should consider a ‘plurality of the good’ in teaching

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