Mental Health Awareness Club Training

A training workshop that is being hosted by the Wellness Centre Coordinator, Amanda Unruh and the Wellness Coaching Coordinator, Diana Jung.

This is a professional development and leadership training workshop for the executive members of the Mental Health Awareness Club.

The UBC Mental Health Awareness Club (UBC MHAC) is a student-run initiative that was founded in the summer of 2010 under the direction of Michael Lee, OSOT professor and curriculum coordinator, the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) advisory group, and OT masters students. The group initially consisted of mainly OT students; however with persistent effort from the previous executives, the club was able to reach increase their target audience within the UBC community by the end of the summer 2012.

The primary objective of the UBC MHAC’s team of Mental Health Correspondents is simple: educate and engage the public(especially UBC students) with current topics within mental health. The team consists of dedicated students interested in reaching that goal through various methods, whether it is updates from the world of research, or interviews with a professional from the mental health field.