One Day @ UBC: Sleep: Your Other Life

Why do we sleep? How much sleep do we actually need? Why am I having trouble getting to sleep? What is the true impact of sleep deprivation on thinking and behaviour? Why do we sleep walk? These and other questions are addressed in this one-day course that explores the universal state in which we spend one third of our lives.

ANDREA PERRINO, PhD, is a sessional instructor in the Department of Psychology at UBC. She has been the recipient of the Robert E. Knox Master Teaching Award and is an energetic and engaging instructor.  Andrea marries her academic role with her business as a consultant, bringing the research to life, working in the health and wellness sector. Andrea resides on Salt Spring Island, in the Southern Gulf Islands of BC. In her free time hikes in the mountains, races in triathlons and cycling events, and enjoys refining her skills in landscape and nature photography. You can often find her at farmer’s markets typifying sustainable living and encouraging the local gastronomical experience.

Course Details

Format: In-Class

Code: UP946W17A

Course Fee: $75

Instructor: Andrea Perrino

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