One Day @ UBC: Topics in World History, 1945-2001

Explore contemporary history through the lens of places and sites around the world – places such as Auschwitz; the city of Guangzhou, on China’s southeast coast; the Galapagos Islands; the International Monetary Fund building in Washington, DC; a United Nations refugee camp in western Uganda; the former secret detention centre at the Argentine Naval base in Buenos Aires; and the Shinchon massacre museum in North Korea. Examination of these sites raises a range of broader historical questions: Under what conditions and contexts did mass violence and civil conflict occur after 1945? What were the social and environmental consequences of “globalization”? What accounts for the transformation of urban and rural worlds since 1945? Why did many countries around the world experience military dictatorships, and why did these governments fail in the late 20th century?

STEVEN LEE, PhD, is associate professor in the UBC Department of History. He currently chairs the International Relations Program at UBC and is working on a book on twentieth century global history.

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Format: In-Class

Code: UP947W17A

Course Fee: $75

Instructor: Steve Lee

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