Peer Program Training for Wellness Peers and Emergency Medical Aid Team

Peer Programs is a network of student teams that strive to improve the UBC student experience through programs and events in areas like academics, careers, and personal development. These teams are structured, advised, and supported by UBC staff.

Two of these student teams are: the UBC Wellness Peers and UBC Emergency Medical Aid Team(EMAT).
EMAT Responders help enhance campus well-being by providing first aid coverage and emergency care at various events across the UBC-Vancouver community. In addition, EMAT holds outreach events and training sessions in order to educate the UBC community on health, safety, and emergency preparedness.

Wellness Peers help enhance campus well-being by sharing evidence-based health information, and connecting students with health-related resources on and off campus. The Wellness Peers support students’ wellness by promoting proactive, wellness strategies to students, so that they are able to achieve academic and personal success.

The Wellness Peers and EMAT have weekly training to learn about applicable skills, strategies and resources to assist them in their roles. They use the things that that they have learned through these training sessions in their various interactions with fellow UBC peers.