Salon Series 2016/17: Ninin Dôjôji-The Two Maidens at the Dôjô Temple

This performance shows the two-dancer version of the famous play, Musume Dôjôji, where the double spirit of Kiyohime comes to the Dôjô temple as shirabyôshi dancers, Hanako and Sakurako. Their jealous serpent-selves are revealed as they destroy the bell that once hid their lover who ran away from them.

Head over to the event page to read more about the Onnagata Roles in Kabuki Dance and other live video performances that will be screening at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

All entrance is free and there will be English commentary provided at all recordings. The nearest parking for the I. K Barber Learning Centre are the Rose Garden and North Parkades. Parking at UBC is $7 after 5pm. Find other parking on campus here.