Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy Workshop

In 2010, Student Development and Services put forward a collaborative Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy which has guided UBC’s approach and commitment to student mental health and wellbeing. Since then, tremendous steps have been taken to realize many of the actions outlined in the strategy.

As we collectively look forward to future commitments and review our current progress, we invite UBC staff and faculty to attend a workshop to share your input, ideas, and priorities to continue to improve student mental health and wellbeing at UBC. This workshop will be collaborative and action focused. Your input will feed directly back to into the new version of the Strategy, including the development of new commitments and priority actions.

In addition to this workshop, we are also hosting a parallel session with elected student leaders and seeking input from the Mental Health Network. Following the workshops, a revised version of the Strategy will be drafted and put out for broader consultation and input from the UBC community.

In advance of the meeting, please take some time to review the document (link above) and reflect on the following questions:

  1. Progress made to date on actions?
  2. What are the priority areas for moving forward in the short term?
  3. What are new priorities, actions, or ideas that you would like to see incorporated into the Strategy?
  4. How can the university best continue to keep staff and faculty across campus informed of and involved in the Strategy?

RSVP: email by Monday, November 17

Refreshments will be provided.