The Grape Debate 2017: Featuring the Wines of British Columbia and presented by Odlum Brown Limited

What role does the vessel play?

Winemakers in BC have traditionally used stainless steel and oak barrel vessels in the fermentation and ageing processes. Yet there are two new kids on the block: amphora (clay) and concrete now making their way into local cellars. Each affects the makeup of the wine differently, not only because of the diverse materials but also because they allow varying amounts of oxygen to be exposed to the wine within. Winemakers and experts have their preferences as there are advantages and disadvantages to all types in their cost-effectiveness, insulating properties and space efficiency. But what are their effects on taste and expressions of terroir? Historically, consumers can recognize and appreciate the unique qualities that fermentation in oak can impart to wines, but can they recognize the qualities of the others? Does the vessel play an important role in consumer’s enjoyment of wine?

Join us for The Grape Debate, where our panel of winemakers and experts will debate the merits of amphora, concrete, oak and stainless steel vessels, while guiding you through a tasting where you will have the opportunity to experience examples of all styles. Following the program, sip your way through some of the finest BC VQA wines at a wine tasting and drop by the pop-up shop presented by Everything Wine where you can purchase some of your favourites. Click here to read more about this event and its speakers.