Writing Assignment and Assessment Design

This three-hour workshop introduces best practices for designing more effective formal science writing assignments, including the importance of context, active thinking and learning strategies, and assessment (e.g. rubrics). During the workshop, participants will focus on audience, purpose and genre for writing assignments, will have the opportunity to assess the design of their own assignment and receive feedback from peers, and will assess advantages and disadvantages of different types of rubrics.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:
1) Recognize components of an effective formal writing assignment;
2) Examine and suggest changes to example science writing assignments, including your own; and
3) Appraise a rubric and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.
This workshop is designed for a 3-hour period, as it allows for time to edit and receive peer feedback on a writing assignment. However, it could be cut down for the Spring Institute.

The Writing Across the Curriculum+ (WAC+) Program is a TLEF-funded collaboration between the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching, the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication and the Department of Chemistry and is designed to support the teaching and learning of written, oral and other non-traditional forms of communication in the sciences.

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