Gina Botelho & Artists – Creative Outlets

Gina Botelho & Artists “Creative Outlets”

Image Credit: Gina Botelho & Artists

Gina Botelho and Artists presented the photography exhibition Creative Outlets, a combined vision of six Vancouver artists whose photography transcends the traditional art with such images such architectural, pop art, nature and the evocative beauty of remote lands.  This exhibition was featured in the Burnaby Now newspaper.   This unique group of artist included:

Andrew Mok – Andrew began his career as a Telecom Engineer and studied photography in his native land, Hong Kong. Andrew stays close to his passion for photography by working as a professional digital editor. Henri Cartier Bresson, Alfred Stieglitz and Diana Arbus have paved his path of inspiration.

Gina Botelho – Gina’s inexhaustible life energy fuels her enthusiastic, creative imagination which clearly overflows into her beautiful imagery. She takes her photographs far and beyond the snapshot with her unique and creative digital transformations. This not only provides true self-fulfillment, but also the most intriguing visuals for her audience to enjoy.

James Yip – Appearances can indeed be deceiving. James’s driving force lies within his heartfelt love of birds. Photographing them in their natural habitat while being ever cautious to not disturb them is a true and fulfilling art to James. He is a man with a truly infectious personality and he seems to have the ability to take any idea and turn it into an artistically visual venture.

Marek Gronowski –  As a professional photographer, Marek’s career focus is international hotel photo shoots for internet marketing and the travel industry. Accommodations around the entire world has become his commercial palette. However, his real passion starts after hours when he ventures into the exotic unknown darkroom of his mind… et voila another masterpiece comes to life.

Pennie Lou – Pennie is an original visionary thinker, always ready to embrace an opportunity to experiment with novelty. Her fresh approach is truly original which results in the most innovative and fascinating photographic imagery.

Ron Lee – Ron reveals his architectural mind in motion as it embraces all the finely balanced details, colours and elegant lines of his  refined photography. He chooses to retain the inherent natural beauty of his subjects and tends to stay away from digital manipulation.

To see photos of this exhibition, please find here.

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