Ky Sargeant

Ky Sargeant

EDI Scholar-in-Residence

Ky Sargeant is a professional EDI consultant and educator who brings an empathetic human-centred approach to all of her work, driven by an international lived experience. Having lived and worked in multiple cultures, she has developed a keen ability for compassionate communication and a critical eye toward the structural impacts felt by people of diverse identities. They believe in fostering deep connections with the people they work with and co-creating innovative solutions for inclusion.

As a student, they led numerous grassroots inclusion efforts to support the experiences of LGBTQ2+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse students at the UBC, before joining the EDI committee at the Sauder School of Business to assist senior administration. She has a great appreciation for academic scholarship and is passionate about teaching. She strives in her work to build safe environments for the discussion and learning of EDI topics. Outside of the university, she has supported a range of corporate and non-profit organizations. Her projects include regularly leading workshops on inclusive culture, conducting facilities audits, providing coaching, and building professional training curriculums.

Her skills as a facilitator shine most through her communication skills, where she strives to combine her love for performance art and comedy to make EDI concepts accessible to all learners. She has over 8 years of public speaking experience and has performed at events such as Vancouver Pride and TEDx UBC.

Upcoming Event

“Finding Joy and Staying Alive: Maintaining Balance in the Push for EDI” on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – 2.00-3.30pm at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre’s Peña Room (Rm 301).


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