Over 20,000 New Images Added to Museum of Vancouver’s Online Collection

Project title: BC Archaeology and Early Industry Digitization

Organization: Museum of Vancouver

Description: The goal of this project was to digitize both a significant portion of the BC Archaeological Collection and a smaller portion of the Vancouver History collection. All items in the St. Mungo Connery collection and 354 objects connected to Vancouver’s early industry were photographed and made accessible online through the openMOV database. Faster than expected digitization processes meant that archaeological surface finds from Coastal, Northern, and Interior areas of BC could also be digitized, along with a collection of 375 objects from the Glenrose Cannery archaeological site. In total, approximately 10,290 new objects were added to openMOV, accounting for 20,580 new images.

Collection URL: http://openmov.museumofvancouver.ca/collection

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