Pecha Kucha Style Event at IKBLC: Topic – 2010 Olympics

Pecha Kucha Style Event at IKBLC: Topic – 2010 Olympics

Inspired by the excellent work of the Pecha Kucha Vancouver, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Olympic Programming Group is hosting our first Pecha Kucha inspired Event on Thursday, January 21st starting at 7 pm.

Pecha What?

The format of a Pecha Kucha is quite simple. Each presenter is allowed to show 20 images, with each image shown for 20 seconds, allowing entrants a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to explain their ideas before the next presenter is up.

This schedule ensures that presentations are concise, keeps the interest level high and offers more people the chance to share their ideas. Participants visualize their thoughts and in doing so create a forum for meaningful conversation about issues relating to the Olympics.

There is a broad range of research and knowledge on our campus regarding the Olympics, and we are excited to provide this opportunity for you to participate in a visual dialogue on this engaging topic. If you have a subject or issue that you are passionate about, come join our diverse group and inspire others with your message in a high-impact, visually stimulating format.

Inspired? Have Something Important to Share? Then Get Involved!

IKBLC Olympic Programming Group invites you to submit a presentation proposal.

Up tp $500 cash prize available

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