Dodson and Peña Room Booking Form

Please submit your request to book the Dodson and/or Peña Room. In order to effectively consider your request, provide full details of your event as best as possible.

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  • Bookings submitted more than 6 months in advance cannot be processed at this time.
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For any questions, please contact
  • Contact Information

  • Please provide that person's name, phone number and email address.
  • Event Details

  • Please note that the following types of events are not permitted in these spaces: closed events, meetings (including strategic planning sessions, staff retreats), regular classes, fundraisers, receptions, events that are commercial in nature, or concerts/recitals (with the exception of the Dodson Music Series).
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  • Events and activities in the Dodson and Stikine Rooms should contribute to lifelong learning and student academic success by enhancing information technology skills, learning skills, wellness and by promoting unique, open learning opportunities. Events must be public, open to all students and have campus wide impact.

    Please provide a description of your event below, specifying how it will contribute to the above vision and including any relevant website links. Your request will not be processed without a valid description. This description may be edited to be made publicly available in UBC Library newsletters and on the IKBLC website.

  • *If more than 1 date is requested (i.e: as part of a series of workshops), please ensure all requested dates are specified in the Event Description above. **Please note that events more than 6 months away will not be considered at this time.
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  • Please reference our hours of operation.
    Enter "00" under "MM" if event begins at top of the hour.
  • Please reference our hours of operation.
    Enter "00" under "MM" if event begins at top of the hour.
  • Time permitting, a minimum of 30 minutes are added before and after your event to allow for set up and tidying activities. Room users are expected to perform general tidy up of the space as well as return the room to its original configuration.

    Floor plans are posted in each room and full room usage details are found towards the end of this form and are part of this booking contract.
  • Room Specifications

  • In keeping with the UBC Campus Safety Plan and the UBC Event Safety Plan, we require event organizers to monitor face mask compliance of event attendees. Questions about the UBC Event Safety Plan may be sent to at
  • *Please make sure to only serve cold foods. It is the event organizers' responsibility to coordinate drop off and pick up of all catering items with caterer (this can be specified in the 'Notes' section of the Scholars form), as well as to remove all uneaten food and garbage.
  • If YES, instructions on how to obtain a liquor license will be provided to you.
  • During regular weekday business hours (8 am – 4 pm), standard A/V support is included during the set up period of your event, if requested. Support on weekends and after-hours is available at a rate of $90/hour (rates may change without notice).
  • Room Usage Terms and Conditions

    In order to maintain the Dodson and Stikine Rooms as premier spaces on campus for events and workshops, the following terms and conditions apply. Non-compliance with the following policies may result in the denial of future booking requests.

    Please scroll down to review our policies and to submit your agreement and completed form below.

    You will receive an automatic email reply when your form has been successfully submitted. Your booking is not confirmed until you have received an email confirmation indicating this.
  • Booking Times

    • Events must occur within the Chapman Learning Commons’ hours of operation. We cannot open early for event setup.
    • We generally open at 8:00 am on weekdays and at 10:00 am on the weekends. See the above link for complete hours including holiday closures and reduced hours during intersession periods.
  • Capacity

    • The maximum room capacity is 60 people due to firecode and public health regulations.
    • It is highly recommended that you use Eventbrite or any other RSVP management system to oversee your attendance list.
    • If you anticipate or know that your booked event will exceed this amount, it is expected that you will notify the Program Assistant and make arrangements for an alternate venue.
  • Furniture and Custodial

    • No provisions for configuration or clean-up of room.
    • Furniture may be moved within the rooms, but not between the Dodson and Stikine Rooms or into the Chapman Learning Commons or elsewhere in the Learning Centre.
    • Note that tables are collapsible.
    • Reception tables may not be set up outside of the rooms, as it disturbs students studying in the space.
    • Users are responsible for general tidy-up and removal of excess garbage and returning the room to its original layout, free of debris (floor plans are posted at the back of each room).
  • Food and Drink

    • Food and drink are permitted in the rooms, but no hot foods are allowed.
    • No access to kitchen facilities.
    • There are no restrictions on who provides catering. Scholars and AMS Catering are two options.
    • Following the end of your event, please move catering items outside the room for pick up from the caterers.
    • Do not leave leftover food or any disposable food containers in or outside the room or at the Help Desk.
    • A liquor license is required to serve alcohol at any event at UBC. Organizers are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses through an application with Student Services and having them on hand the day of.
  • Audio and Video Resources

    • A/V equipment and services are available for use upon request, subject to availability.
    • There is no charge for the equipment listed in the booking form.
    • Rental fees may apply for special equipment or for services such as on-site support for the duration of your event.
  • Event Signage and Other Provisions

    • Directional signage to event must be coordinated beforehand with the Program Assistant.
    • Posters may not be taped, tacked or glued to the walls within the rooms or around IKBLC. Please use the available flip chart easels.
    • Unauthorized signage and posters will be removed and room users will be billed for all damage incurred for their removal.
    • No provisions for printing, photocopying, or faxing. A Library print card can be purchased for printing and photocopying and faxing is available at CopyRight.
    • No storage space is available. Lost items left in the rooms after events will be kept at the Level 3 Help Desk.
  • Booking Changes or Cancellations

    • Please notify the Program Assistant of changes to your confirmed booking or if the room is no longer needed as soon as possible.
    • Changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to the event.
    • Under special circumstances and with as much advance notice as possible, a booking may be asked to move to a different room.
  • This form represents the complete understanding and agreement of the parties with respect to the booking of the Dodson and Stikine Rooms in the Chapman Learning Commons, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

    The Administration reserves the right to modify these guidelines or make additional conditions, as it deems necessary to ensure the success of your event.
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