UBC Photosociety Exhibit "My Everyday" at IKBLC Gallery, Nov 1-18th.

The UBC Photosociety is hosting a photo exhibit entitled “my everyday” at the Irving K.  Barber Learning Center Gallery from November 1 to 18, 2010, and will host a reception on Thursday, November 4, 2010 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  This exhibition will display work done by members of the UBC Photosociety that deal with their daily lives, and the ways that those lives intersect with university life.

The idea behind this exhibit is that photography is often the process of capturing the lives of others—be they family members, friends, co-workers, models, or people in the community—but photographers do not often think through the ways in which their praxis mediates their own experience of reality, or the ways in which this capturing provides an illusory sense of their world as objectively theirs.  For the exhibit, my everyday, emerging photographers have captured the things they see, do, are inspired by, and frustrated by in their everyday lives as students and members of the university community, as a means of both encouraging  and denying fellow-feeling with others.  Thus, the exhibit will allow for a theorization of the “everydayness” of university life—a life all too often described as alien to the “real” world—but at the same time will encourage the viewer to see that everyday life is best understood in terms of a plurality of perspectives.

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